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About this site

This is my blog site. The intention is to share my experience of over 50 years as a professional bassist.

Like many long term musicians I have had to wear many hats  during my career. These include acting as musical director, songwriter/composer, music publisher, bass instructor, and also 18 years running a music booking agency.

I started this site in 2017 to share articles that I hope may help other musicians navigate and survive the practicalities of a music career, especially for bassists , side men (and women) and jobbing musicians.

To this end I will attempt to post practical info that is not readily available elsewhere.

Some of the articles deal with the music business and some with the art of making music. This site is not intended to present a business or music course as such but simply to share random bits of info that I wish I had known decades ago!

Please fell free to comment on anything you see here! thanks for visiting!

Roots – some definitions

 The fundamental notes of a chord progression.

The essential part.

Going back to the origins of a style, especially in being genuine and unpretentious.





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