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Roots – some definitions

 The fundamental notes of a chord progression.

The fundamental or essential part.

Going back to the origins of a style, especially in being genuine and unpretentious.


The site is for bass players. There is very little content here right now. The purpose of this site is to share some tips and tricks that I have acquired over 50 years of playing bass professionally.

If you have reached this site searching for info about me visit www.steveyorkbass.com.

Over the next few months I will be adding articles to this site and posting notifications on my bassroots facebook page.

I do not intend to present a “how to play bass” course here. There is a lot of great info available already , along with a lot of bad or useless info! I would advise any bassist to find a good teacher who understands your needs and goals.

I intend to focus on some tips that will help to get any bassist prepared for real life gigging and recording situations. These are short cuts, tips and “cheats” to enable the bassist to fit into a variety of playing situations and quickly deliver whatever is required.

This approach is the result of 50 years of experience of working as a freelance bassist playing on albums. one off sessions, major tours and basic jobbing gigs in clubs and bars.

In my experience as a bassist I get 90% of my work through references from other musicians, including fellow bassists.
The music scene has gone through many changes. Bass players are now often replaced by tracks , sequences and keyboard bass.
But the basic requirements for a bassist to function in a rhythm section remain the same.
This site is not intended for those who want a career strictly as a solo bassist . It is intended for those who want to work with other musicians. To this end I will share some tips on how to quickly assimilate into any playing situation and to play a wide variety of styles with authenticity combined with the originality of your own voice!
Equally important, I will share tips on professional ethics, protocol and business advice, as well as practical advice on how to get the most from your equipment.
Thanks for reading – stay tuned!

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