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About Me

My website is here  Steve York 

I have been playing professionally since 1967. Originally from London, I had a busy career through the 70’s both touring in the US and Europe and doing studio work, including playing on a few gold and platinum albums. discography

I moved to New York in 1981 and toured with Laura Branigan for four years then settled in Minneapolis in 1985 where I continued playing with national and local artists and also became more involved with the business side of music including booking, acting as musical director for national artists and setting up a publishing company . I received the Minnesota Music Academy Award for bassist in 1997, 2001 & 2005; the Minnesota Blues Music bassist award in 1990, and was inducted ino the Minnesota Rock & Country Hall of Fame in 2006.  biography

I semi-retired in Puerto Vallarta. Mexico in 2005 where I continue to play regularly . I received an award from the Puerto Vallarta Jazz Foundation in 2016.


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